Laurent Stukkens
28 Jan 1979
rue des 3 Bonniers, 9
5081 Saint-Denis
+32 476 97 24 56


About me

multi-skilled innovative team spirit optimist problem solving oriented curious - hungry to learn likes things well done

Passionate of innovation, highly skilled and built upon a strong experience, I have always particularly loved building customized and innovative solutions that fit specific needs. Over the years I gained experience in multiple languages, platforms and hardware technologies and became a swiss army knife.

The broad knowledge I gathered during my business management master allows me to rapidly understand the needs of customers from various industries.

Nevertheless I particularly enjoyed managing Steel, where I had the opportunity to make the company and its employees grow just by bringing serenity, trust and empowerment.

Education & jobs

Feb 2021 - Jan 2023
Guru of the Services Apps @ Odoo
Part of the R&D department. Responsible of the Services App (incl. Project, Planing, Timesheet, Helpdesk and Field Service Management) on a technical prospective which includes leading the Services dev team, reviewing, approving and merging their code.
Feb 2020 - Feb 2021
Experienced Developper @ Odoo
Part of the R&D department. Developing new features / apps in Odoo (Python and Javascript).
Oct 2019 - Jan 2020
Senior Analyst Developper @ Steel
C# and C++ devs to be finished prior to leave the company.
Oct 2017 - Oct 2019
CEO @ Steel
Managing the company, bringing back serenity. Intensively worked on EIPMod project.
Apr 2017 - Sept 2017
Senior Consultant @ NSI Software & Services
Creating BIRT library and reports for FOREM
Jan 2017 - Apr 2017
Working on EasyDART (own project)
Full stack development with up-to-date technologies.
Jan 2016 - Jan 2017
IT Manager @ Steel s.a.
Responsible for the in-house infrastructure as well as the software developments for the customers.
Apr 2015 - Jan 2016
Chief Operating Officer @ Steel s.a.
Interim position in order to ensure business continuity. Responsible for the operations while keeping IT Manager position. Member of the board of directors and part of the innovation department.
Oct 2014 - Apr 2015
Senior Consultant @ NSI Software & Services
Mission in Brussels at Hello Agency. Stopped collaboration with NSI in order to cope with the Interim position at Steel as COO.
Jan 2010 - Apr 2015
IT Manager @ Steel s.a.
Responsible for the in-house infrastructure as well as the software developments for the customers. Member of the Executive Committee.
Jul 2009 - Dec 2009
IT Project Manager @ Steel s.a.
Responsible for delivering the software developments within time, budget and resources.
Jan 2008 - Jul 2009
Clinical Systems Project Manager Associate @ Abbott Vascular
Responsible for validating previous developments following Abbott Vascular IT procedures. Subject Matter Expert in designing applications and gathering business requirements for the US IT team (Safety database, Clinical Data Reporting Tool). Group leader of a team of 3 people.
Apr 2007 - Jan 2008
System analyst @ Abbott Vascular
Responsible for the support of eCRF and Clinical Research systems. Lead for the development of custom solutions for the clinical department in order to stream-line the clinical study process.
Feb 2004 - Apr 2007
IT Project Manager @ DAPESCO
Responsible for the development an energy management system. Consultant for EDF Belgium mainly in EDIEL.
1997 - 2002
Master in Business Management @ Université Catholique de Louvain
Exchange program in 2002 at Yvey Businees School (Western Ontario University).

Dev skills



4 years ago

C++ under Linux / C++ node addon

C# WinForms / Windows Service

6 years ago

Angular2 / RxJS / ngrx / Node.js

HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript


MySQL / MariaDB

7 years ago


SQL Server + SSIS

10 to 6 years ago


10 to 8 years ago


Hardware / OS skills

Computers spare parts

Network (VLAN / Routing / Firewall)

VMWare / Veeam

Windows Server / Windows / linux






Running Hiking in the mountains Power kites Fishing in mountain torrents Friends Discovering new things Technology


2018 - 2019

EIPMod @ Steel s.a.

C++ Linux boost interprocess C++ Node addon Angular ngrx RxJS

Hardware module that enhances a RS-232 Mk6E EDMI meter into a TCP-IP meter.

Thanks to the module, the meter is sync through NTP and hosts a website that allows both configuration and data access. The module also provides an sftp access to the load survey data.


EasyDART project on hold

Angular2 Express JSON Web Token ngrx Node.js RxJS

Data reporting tool focused on tracking day to day changes in critical data (for instance: data cleaning, safety reports, protocol deviations in clinical studies).

The reporting tool allows to enter information in editable fields that are linked to real time data pulled from different sources. This project is the next version of ClinDART (see details bellow).

SCAN @ Steel s.a.

C# Windows Service Real time M2M communication

System that collects events log and realtime alarm states in metering cubicles.

This CV

Animatron CSS3 HTML5 Javascript

Public lightning power computing @ Steel s.a.


Computing load profile's data of public lightning accordingly to settings and digital inputs using triggers and stored procedures.

This solution has been created for AIEG after having issues by doing it manually each year.

OSMOSE @ Steel s.a.


Linux system that provides SMS functionalities (sending and receiving). On a hardware prospective the system is made of a raspberry pie and a RS-232 GSM modem.

e-shop @ Fleurs de sel

Woocommerce Wordpress

Local florist e-commerce website designed in accordance with pre-existing visual identity.

e-shop @ NSI

Magento PHP

Implementing new features in Weldom website. Mission @ Hello Agency.

2015 - 2016

DCS Simulator @ Steel s.a.

AngularJS PHP

End-to-end solution (from electronic cards to web browser interface) allowing Elia's technicians to validate ABB PLC configuration before sending them on-site. The DCS simulator is a realtime WYSIWYG system that manages 3 double face cubicles equiped with ABB digital and analog I/O's (2576 end points). The PHP server communicates with a M340 Schneider PLC.

Although IT-IDEAS mainly focused on the HMI, we also provided support on the electronic communication protocol development.

MoCoTo @ Steel s.a.

Angular2 Express ngrx Node.js RxJS Serial port communication

USB portable web application allowing Elia's technicians to configure on-site modems accordingly to their usage.

Betrace Scanner @ Steel s.a.

AngularJS PHP

Web application allowing Steel's workers to capture and save the serial numbers from the elements that compose Betrace's carts (building serial numbers trees). The application only works with a barcode scanner in order to minimise input time.

2010 - 2015

REMS3 @ Steel s.a.

C# MySQL Real time TCP/Serial M2M communication SQL Server Winforms

The Remote Energy Management System (v3) is both an information management system and a remote maintenance and operability system for Elia's metering cubicles. It allows communications with different generations of PLC's and meters and can store the data in both SQL Server or MySQL databases.

The system can be both used at the office and in the field.

TrisTAN @ Steel s.a.

C# WCF Winforms

TrisTAN is a real time IP packet filtering and spoofing service. It allows changing the IP addresses of the packets sent by meters that are placed behind a NAT by different IP addresses and return the responses to the meters accordingly.

This solution was a temporary fix (waiting our supplier to correct the bug in its software) that allowed Steel to sell thousands of meters.

MultiSched @ Steel s.a.

C# Winforms

Mass configuration tool developed for RTE in order to allow scheduled configurations and followups of thousands of electricity meters.

MeterData @ Steel s.a.

C# Real time M2M communication WPF

Windows application created in order to streamline the test phase when placing electricity meters for Lampiris. The application displays real time data from the (EDMI) meters.

IOT @ Steel s.a.


Web-site allowing ELIA’s project managers to generate quotes for cubicles. The system ensures that cubicles configuration and content comply both with ELIA’s Framework Agreement specifications and with technical feasibility.

EDI @ Analis s.a.

C# Microsoft AX

I have been responsible of setting up the EDI ordering and invoicing process between GSK and Analis during NSI's AX implementation.

I developed the file transfer gateway between the two companies.

SEMA4 @ Steel s.a.

C# Real time M2M communication Modbus Winforms

Windows application providing remote maintenance and operability to offshore metering cubicles. The application communicates with a M340 Schneider PLC. This dev is part of a R&D project ordered by RTE.

AX reporting @ Analis s.a.

Microsoft AX SQL Server / SSIS

In order to lower the effort on the reporting during the ERP migration, my mission was to prepare SSIS packages that feed the existing reporting databases with AX data.

2007 - 2010

ClinDART @ Abbott Vascular

VB Oracle 10 SQL Server Winforms

Clinical Data Reporting Tool originally designed to streamline the data cleaning process of Brussels team by crossing e-CRF data with custom editable fields.

The application was then adopted as a worldwide reporting solution (incl. safety, quality and study management reports).

ClinDEV @ Abbott Vascular

ASPx VB SQL Server

Clinical Deviation management tool. Application that is used by the Protocol Deviation Committee in order to assess, manage and address protocol deviation in a specific study and/or across all studies.

2004 - 2007

EMIS v2 @ Dapesco

VB SQL Server Winforms

Energy management system (invoices management and verification with market data, benchmarking and monitoring of real-time consumptions). The application was designed for both internal and external use.


Porteur de nombreux projets d'envergure chez Steel, Laurent a toujours obtenu la reconnaissance et le respect de sa hiérarchie pour son travail consciencieux. Développeur talentueux, Laurent apprécie la critique constructive et répond toujours positivement aux challenges proposés. Laurent est optimiste et se donne toujours à 100% pour la réussite de ses projets. Curieux de nature, il n'hésite pas à sortir de sa zone de confort et des sentiers battus dans l'apprentissage de nouvelles technologies. Ses qualités humaines lui permettent de s'intégrer avec facilité dans des équipes de toutes tailles et de toutes formes. Plus qu'un développeur, Laurent peut analyser le besoin et le transcrire dans une suite ordonnée et priorisée de tâches. Il possède des qualités évidentes de management qui lui permettent de déléguer et superviser des développements de grande ampleur.

Nicolas Druart - R&D Manager / Hardware Development @ Steel s.a.

I worked with Laurent during a period of about 5 to 6 years. Laurent was the 'driving force' for the development of IT tools in the area of Remote Maintenance and Intelligent Ordering Systems, which have proven to be extremely helpfull in our company. These tools are extremely reliable, remain very flexible for modifications or extension with new functionalities, and are used as 'example applications' for other divisions within our Company. Besides his technical IT skills, I really want to mention that Laurent is also a warm harted person, who has only an eye for the benifit of his clients. On many occasions, Laurent came with improvement proposals on our own ideas, which lead each time to a better product with improved functionalities. Thanks Laurent !!

Geert Borloo - Senior Expert Asset Management @ Elia s.a.

Laurent s'est avéré très efficace dans la mission délicate de mettre en place une solution EDI avec un partenaire important d'Analis (GSK). Il a mené cette dernière avec professionnalisme et savoir-faire. Encore merci Laurent

Marc Warnon - IT Infrastructure Manager @ Analis s.a.

Je souhaite témoigner des qualités personnelles et professionnelles de Monsieur Laurent Stukkens démontrées au cours des années passées à mes côtés. Laurent a occupé successivement ou conjointement les fonctions suivantes :

  • Développeur (Analyse et Programmation)
  • Architecte IT
  • Chef de projet
  • Chef du département IT
  • Chief Operating Officer (à titre interimaire)

Laurent cumule des qualités qui lui permettent de se sentir à son aise et de remplir avec un égal succès toutes les fonctions qui lui ont été proposées. Son intelligence, à la fois analytique et synthétique, lui permet d'appréhender l'ensemble d'un projet tout en saisissant directement les implications de chaque élément. Il est toujours prêt à acquérir de nouvelles connaissances. Il est sociable et fait preuve d'empathie. Il est consciencieux et méthodique, rigoureux mais pragmatique. Il est autonome, créatif et entreprenant. Enfin, il est intègre. En bref, il cumule les talents.

Gabriel Vanderdonck - Senior Expert and CoFounder @ Steel s.a.

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